Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Armenia joins 350 international day of climate action…

As part of the global 350 climate change campaign, activists led by Armenia Tree Project and other NGOs worked with schoolchildren to plant 350 pine seedlings in northern Armenia on Oct. 24.

“We were proud to represent Armenia in this international 350 movement. This campaign was initiated by activists and scientists concerned about rising levels of carbon dioxide that is causing climate change globally and even in Armenia, where we are witnessing more weather extremes and drier weather that has implications for forests and agriculture,” explained ATP Yerevan Director Mher Sadoyan.

“Activists all over the world planned actions on this day to let global leaders know that carbon dioxide concentrations in our atmosphere need to be lowered to 350 parts per million, or scientists predict we will face climate changes that could lead to widespread disruptions for people and ecosystems,” added Sadoyan.

“Trees absorb carbon that causes climate change, so we hope our contribution to the global 350 campaign will help reduce the adverse impacts of climate change, especially for rural populations in Armenia and other countries that are most affected,” stated ATP Environmental Education Program Manager Alla Berberyan.

“The climate action was a positive event to raise awareness of the importance of the number 350 to the Armenian and the international community, and we are expecting it to have a practical educational impact,” noted Berberyan.

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