Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New conservation trust fund creates sustainable source of financing for protected areas in biodiversity hotspot…

Peter Musurlian co-wrote, narrated, and edited this 11-minute film about the work of the Caucasus Nature Fund in Georgia and Armenia. CNF is a conservation trust fund that is building capacity to support the ongoing maintenance and operation of nature reserves in the South Caucasus.

This work is particularly important since the region is one of the planet’s 34 most endangered hotspots for biodiversity. The organization has already invested in the Khosrov Reserve and four other national parks in Armenia and Georgia. According to the director, David Morrison, the goal is to support the operation of 15 parks by 2015.

“Saving the Wild” includes rare film footage of several of the endangered species under protection in these areas including bezoar goat, mouflon, and Caucasian leopard. The program has received major support from the German Development Bank (KfW) and other international organizations to create a sustainable source of financing.