Saturday, April 24, 2010

Armenia joins global celebrations for 40th anniversary of Earth Day…

Conservation activists joined national and international organizations in the Republic of Armenia to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this month. Armenia Tree Project partnered with the Young Biologists Association, OSCE Aarhus Ecological Information Center, and Earth Day Network to organize an entire series of events including a tree planting in the capital city of Yerevan.

Two hundred native seedlings were provided by ATP with the support of the Earth Day Network for the public tree planting in the Nor Nork community of Yerevan. British Ambassador Charles Lonsdale joined participants to plant a tree and expressed his appreciation to the sponsors for organizing this environmental initiative.

Other Earth Day events included a seminar on “How to Live Green and Stop Climate Change” and a panel discussion where climate scientists and environmentalists addressed climate change and biodiversity issues in Armenia. The final event held on Earth Day was a “Live Green” painting competition for young children.

“We extend our thanks to the British Embassy and other organizations that joined our partnership including the Earth Day Network, Young Biologists Association, and OSCE Aarhus Center,” noted ATP director Jeff Masarjian. “Although our work is ongoing, we were glad to work with so many people on this day to demonstrate our commitment to the environment, be a part of global Earth Day celebrations, and contribute to the actions taking place all over the world to stop climate change.”

Click here for photos uploaded by ATP and the Young Biologists Association. For more information about other Earth Day events taking place around the world this month, visit the website of the Earth Day Network: