Friday, October 12, 2007

Daily Show segment on the Armenian Genocide...

This Oct. 11 video clip from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart about the Armenian Genocide resolution in the US Congress was removed from You Tube within 12 hours of it being posted, but it is still available on the Comedy Central web site here. Also on the same topic, this Dan Wasserman cartoon from the Oct. 12 issue of the Boston Globe was great.

Update: The brief Oct. 12 coverage of the issue by Bill Maher was not as favorable, since he chose to gloss over the issue in the context of the war in Iraq. But even luminaries like Noam Chomsky have failed to put the legacy of the Armenian Genocide in the context of current day human rights atrocities. The issue is not a diaspora or US citizens lobbying their own government--it is about mass violence, accountability, intellectual responsibility, and government denial.