Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stop the Clock on species extinction by protecting forests…

Every 20 minutes, another species is pushed to extinction as more than 1,200 acres of forest are destroyed, according to a new action alert issued by Conservation International. It’s a catastrophe on a global scale, perhaps Earth’s next great extinction event. You can be a part of the solution by signing the petition to save forests and ‘Stop the Clock’ on species extinction.

Conservation International will deliver the petition to the leaders of 189 countries at the international summit on climate change in Bali on December 13. By signing the petition, you’re telling government leaders to incorporate forest protection into their national policies on climate change for the good of our species and our climate.

Did you know that with every acre of trees cleared, more than 150 tons of carbon dioxide is pumped into the atmosphere? Protecting forests is a critical part of the global solution to climate change, and it is vital to the survival of life on Earth.